Bigger Than Basketball

On November 1st, Janet Hodson a 13 year old girl that currently plays for DCU Mercy at the u14 level, donated 14 inches of her hair to the Rapunzel Foundation - a self funded charity that makes wigs for people suffering from alopecia. Janet is also raising money for CanTeen Ireland, a charity that supports teenagers and young adults with cancer. 

Janet Hodson donates 14 inches of hair to the Rapunzel Ponytails Foundation


Altruistic Streak

About five years ago, a family friend of Janet and her family grew his hair long in order to donate it to a charity that was making wigs for cancer patients. It was at this time Janet decided it would be a good idea for her to do something similar and has been growing her hair since with this same goal in mind. 

rapunzel foundation dcu mercy

Rapunzel Foundation

Janet chose the Rapuzel Foundation because the Rapunzel Foundation is a charitable organisation that works to improve the lives of those living with hair loss (alopecia) through fund raising as well as through hair raising.

Hair is raised through the Rapunzel Foundation’s Ponytail campaign, where people commit to growing their hair 14 inches or longer with the view to their hair being sent to help make much needed wigs to improve the lives of those living with the hair loss. However, this wasn't the only charitable cause Janet was undertaking.

canteen ireland dcu mercy

CanTeen Ireland

Janet then chose to fundraise for CanTeen Ireland - a nationwide support group for young people between the ages of 12 and 25 years who have or have had cancer. Their Mission is to Support, Develop and Empower young people who have, or who have had cancer. In other words CanTeen is about young people who have or have had cancer helping each other out, encouraging each other and working together to overcome their problems and difficulties. 

Janet chose to raise funds for this organisation because a neighbour, who was a friend of her sister Maria, had been diagnosed with cancer when she was a young teenager and had availed of the support services on CanTeen Ireland. Thankfully, Janet's neighbour has recovered now. 

Janet has always felt it would be nice to help those who are less fortunate than herself and has been overwhelmed by the support she has received up to this point with how generous people have been in donating to this cause. 

From all of us at DCU Mercy we wish Janet the best of luck with the rest of her fundraiser and like to congratulate Janet on such a remarkable achievement. We would also like to urge all of our players, coaches, parents and community to help support Janet in raising funds for this great cause. You can do so by clicking on the button below.

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